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GYM Athlete: sync with trainer

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The app for gym, crossfit, and home workout.GYM will help you to perform exercises correctly without any injury for your health; you can create your own plans of workouts, or use the ready one.Our reports and history of workouts will show you which exercises or workouts are more effective - and it will help you to make the best workouts’ plan.Power and interval workouts:1. Power workouts – for the gym.2. Interval workouts – for home workout and crossfit.In the power workouts, all weights and repetitions will recording during performing an exercise. We have created a special interface for quick data entry, which includes the hotkeys, based on the general statistics of athletes and your personal statistics within the application. In the interval workouts, app consistently shows and voices the exercise that you need to do. Usually all exercise are going 30 second including a 10 seconds break, and then the next round and so on.Sport experts.All exercises and workouts have created by professionals. This is masters of sport of international class in bodybuilding, fitness or powerlifting, and each of them has his own coaching experience more than 10 years.Workout process.To record the exercises you only need three clicks that it doesn’t distract you from the workout itself.During the exercise app shows you the whole history of this exercise + you have a quick access to descriptions and animation of exercises.ExercisesThis app has the base of classic exercises with animation, descriptions and main mistakes.You can also create your own exercises. You can also attach pictures from the Internet or make your own photos to the exercises inside of the app.Photodiary.You can take pictures and analyze the changes of your body more clearly.MeasurementsYou can enter data about yourself and check the dynamic in the reports